“The maintenance of the schools in our district can be more than time-consuming. The assortment of products we have purchased has helped us maintain our schools and certainly made my job more easier. Each assortment drawer I purchased is clearly labeled and has taken the “guesswork” out of what size this bolt, nut or fitting is that I need”

Pete Janis

Chief Engineer

“We are pleased with the high quality of your products and the knowledge of your sales representative. She has introduced new products to our maintenance staff and streamlined our inventory procedures. Her regular visits insure us that we will have the proper items we need and at manageable levels”

Wayne Chaney

Purchasing Agent

“I wanted to say thanks for coming in and doing all the clean up of our parts room. You spent several days getting us organized and set up so we were able to find the product that we need to do our job. Time is very expensive here so we really needed this done so that we can find things more quickly”

Tony Johnson

Maintenance Foreman

“Over the years I have  been very happy with MRO Systems service but recently we had an emergency. We needed some very special, hard to get fasteners and our sales rep was on vacation. The product was delivered to us 6 AM the next morning. I found out later from our sales rep that the product was delivered by one of the owners of the company. Now that’s service”

Jim Phillips

Shop Foreman

“We are truly pleased with the product quality, fast turn around delivery and your personal follow up to ensure our needs and requirements are met”

Carol Costello

Parts Room Supervisor

“Thank you for all the extra hours you have worked putting our shop into shape. The labels you installed make things much easier to find things. Since you reorganized our inventory we are finally going to be able to keep track of all the materials we really use”

Bill Maxwell

Maintenance Foreman

“Each month MRO Systems offers new products and items on “Special” to save us money. Our rep checks our inventory which eliminates the possibility of not having the supplies needed to finish a critical job”

Shane Stapley

Conveyer Foreman

“Because of the environment we are in we will not and can not use inferior products. We have found your product line to be of the HIGHEST QUALITY. Your sales representative regularly checks inventory in our store room to insure that our mechanics have the proper parts that they need. My shop is organized as a result of her efforts. We find your service to be INVALUABLE

Carlos Soto

Store Room Manager